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5 Wonderful Women

We’re proud to introduce you to five of the wonderful women behind The Naked Grape. We asked some of their peers to describe what makes them special. Read on to learn more about each of these amazing professionals!  


Katie is the kind of woman you want in your corner, whether you’re in a meeting or meeting over yoga mats. Her dedication and determination pair perfectly with kindness, cleverness and warmth. 


There’s a reason “Joy” is part of her name. Joyce is “infectiously joyful” whose loving nature inspires everyone she works with. She’s the coworker everyone wants to team up with.  


Described as “cunning and stunning,” Amy brings unparalleled warmth and dedication to her work. She’s the thoughtful one whose beautiful smile is powered by vegan eats.


Jasmyn is living proof you can be playful and professional as well as kind and hard working. She’s everyone’s favorite fashionista, and we’re always eager for stories about the great deal she scored on a great wardrobe addition. 


Peaches’ passionate work ethic and approachable nature consistently inspire those who work with her. Smarts and compassion come together to make her a great listener, valued friend and fearless leader. 

We’re honored to team up with many smart ladies like these five – every day. We’d love to hear who inspires you! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

The Naked Grape Team

The Naked Grape Team