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Backyard Glamping Guide

Who says camping can’t be an elegant affair? Glamping (glamorous camping – cute, right?) is the perfect way to experience the beautiful outdoors without kissing luxury goodbye. Swap out the campfire sing-alongs for a backyard soiree that’ll feel less like a survival exercise and more like a day at the spa. 

4 Ways to Make Glamping Even More Glamorous

Deck out. Don’t let your charming décor fall by the wayside. You can bring it glamping with you! We liked the canvas tee pee for its simplistic appeal, but maybe you’d like to tie up a beaded hammock or simply lay out a blanket with some of your favorite throw pillows. 

Cool off. It’s 80° with a chance of snow! A chilly treat like these refreshing snow cones will delight your camping buddies and add some extra color to your lavish setup. Check out this video with our quick and easy recipe. (Spoiler: there’s wine involved!)

Freshen up. This is the opposite of “roughing it.” Prim and preen your way to perfection with a DIY raspberry lemon body scrub that will renew your skin’s natural radiance. Not only does everyone get to create their own mixture, but the scrub also doubles as a take-home gift for your girlfriends! We can all agree this is better than gathering firewood, right?

Munch away. Don’t forget the snacks! Easy and delicious treats will guarantee a fabulous time for all. We chose a modern take on a camp classic, because really, who doesn’t love s’mores? Just add some fruit and a few nut butter spreads on top of the typical s’mores ingredients for that extra yum factor. 

Admit it – you’ve already started making mental notes for your next glamping sesh. Looking for other charming ways to celebrate life with your friends? Be sure to browse around our blog for ideas!  

The Naked Grape Team

The Naked Grape Team