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Wine Spritzers

The wine spritzer of the ‘90s is back and more awesome than ever. We love spritzers because this retro cocktail, which is light, refreshing, and bubbly, is fail proof and super simple to make. As a general rule, mix three parts wine to one part club soda. Toss in some bitters if you like 'em. Add flavor, like raspberries or a splash of grenadine. Serve spritzers in glasses that stand tall and chilled with some festive touches. Some of the prettiest garnishes include fruit-and-herb ice cubes, ginger candies, pomegranate seeds, mint, crushed raspberries, melon balls, twisted orange peels or simply a sugar-rimmed glass and fancy straw. Or even better, pick from one of our two new recipes below.

We’re starting to feel a brunch with your best gals coming on – complete with waffles, pancakes, and quiche. But mostly waffles. Lots and lots of waffles.

Lemon Wine Spritzer
Pour 1 part lemonade, 2 parts sparkling lime water and 2 parts Pinot Grigio into a glass or pitcher. Add fruit and herb ice cubes (see below).

Grapefruit Wine Spritzer
Pour 1 part grapefruit juice, 2 parts grapefruit sparkling water and 2 parts Pinot Grigio into a glass or pitcher. Add fruit and herb ice cubes (see below)*

Fruit & Herb Ice Cube Garnish
To make fruit-and-herb ice cubes, place your favorite fruit and herbs in your ice tray. To keep the fruit from floating to the top, fill halfway with water and freeze. Once frozen, top them off with a little more water and freeze some more. Hello gorgeous garnish!



The Naked Grape Team

The Naked Grape Team